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A. Train
Daenerys woke up on the train with no recollection of how she got there or what this moving metal contraption is. She's immediately on edge, it is not every day one goes from rising from an ash pile with three baby dragons to a... whatever this thing is. It's then that she starts searching ever train car (probably scaring a few students as she bursts in), for Ser Jorah, for her people, for her dragon eggs, and (even though she knows he is dead) Drogo. There is no way that she would have been kidnapped so easily.

B. Platform
Once she is off the train, after she is taught what a train is and believes it all to be magic, she marches up to the Prefects who seem to be in charge here, "I am Khaleeli Daenerys Targaryen, Queen and leader of the Dothraki and I demand you tell me where I am, why you have brought me here, and bring me back to my people at once. If you do as I say I will cause you no harm, and promise that the Dothraki will not attack as well. It is in your best interest to heed my commands," she says with a straight face and conviction in her voice to the bored and unamused Prefects and surrounding students.

C. Town
A lost in thought Daenerys is walking around town. Everything is so different from what she once knew to be true. Technology has advanced immensely and the clothing was just plain degrading. Could she really do what she's expected to do here? Can her people fair without her?

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There is another person who has no recollection of how she got there, nor what the metal cage seems to be. A look out of what Brienne assumes is the window shows that they are moving towards something -- at first, she suspects it's a new creation from Oldtown. But the is so unlike anything the maesters have ever come up with that she's left grasping for a reasonable explanation.

Instead of dwelling on the matter, she decides to explore. Standing, she's tentative at first; the train was not made for people her size, and the lurching movements of the contraption make her wary. As the door to the compartment begins to slide open, Brienne reaches for Oathkeeper -- fumbles briefly when it's not on her hip -- but stops when she sees a slim figure in the door, instead of one of the brothers that had kidnapped her. The brothers that had put the noose around her neck, like a bad dream.

"I apologize, my lady." She gives the other woman a nod. "I didn't mean to startle you."

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"I'm afraid that I don't know, my lady." The fact that this girl seems well-bred is enough to put her on edge; the unpleasantness of dealing with female nobility lurks in the back of Brienne's mind. However, she makes an effort to be unfailingly courteous. Perhaps this was a gift from the gods, to resume her search for Sansa. Perhaps the girl had even been kidnapped by the iron cage as well, presumably to somewhere across the Narrow Sea.

"I was looking for a maid, before I woke up in this moving cage. My sister, a maid of three and ten, with auburn hair." It's almost like reciting from a favorite book at this point, with the amount of times that she's said it. "But now we are moving forward, though I know not where."

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"I haven't...though my father spoke of him once." That was long ago, however, and she doesn't remember much of the conversation. She simply remembers the name Ser Jorah Mormont, and Ned Stark mentioned in the same breath. "Are you from Westeros?"

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She's never seen them -- it was before her time, she's young, a Summer Knight (not even a knight) freshly free to wander the seven kingdoms. She was but a babe when the Targaryens were set upon by King Robert, but everyone knew of their fair looks. This is a Dragon she's speaking to; and suddenly it becomes so evident that it's almost ridiculous that she should have been ignorant of the fact.

Unsure of what to do -- Targaryen kings had a penchant for lopping people's heads off, after all -- she kneels. "I am Brienne, from the Isle of Tarth."

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She rises, still uncomfortable with the situation. But in this era of so many kings, what's one more to add to the pile? Brienne really only feels -- felt -- loyalty to King Renly, and then to Catelyn Stark in turn. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wonders if she even felt some loyalty to Jaime, at least a bit. But she puts that aside for now; her thoughts cannot wander when there is someone perhaps instrumentally important standing in front of her.

"We believed the Targaeryans to be dead, on the Isle of Tarth. I mean no disrespect, of course." And she didn't; she was simply stating fact. "But I must continue my quest here, no matter where this iron carriage is taking us." Of that, Brienne was certain. She must find Sansa, at least for Jaime if not herself.


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